To evaluate a used property are taken into account information such as the geographical area, the nature of the property, the type of the property, its state, its area and the state of the market.

The criteria and methods used in the appraisal of a property are not very clear. The factors that generally influence the value of a property are:

  • The location (including the floor, the view, the solar orientation and accessibility)
  • The terrain
  • The typology and layout of the property
  • The quality of construction
  • Finishes and equipment available
  • The date of construction
  • The state of conservation
  • The market (demand and supply)
  • Parking, pool, elevator, green spaces


Real Estate Appraisers

The most suitable for assessing the value of a used property will be to look for a specialized real estate company or appraiser. They are able to give a complete assessment, providing precious help, especially in the comparative market criterion.

More quickly (and free of charge), you can also make comparisons with our advertised properties.

Finance provides a geographic area appraiser, which assigns a value to the property and an amount payable for tax on the property.

We also offer real estate valuation services. Contact us for more information.

To receive an evaluation of a property you will need documents such as:

  • Property plan
  • Building permit
  • Registration of the conservatory
  • City Permits

Before buying or selling a property you should seek to reach an assessment of the value of it.

Contact us and we help!

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